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Giving you more house than you thought you could afford

How can we build so inexpensively? 

We think the question should be:

 Why does everyone else build so expensively??

We have a very large labor pool and all of those people depend on us to make a living for their families. Therefore, in order to keep them all working, we must keep building houses. We build an average of 15-20 houses a year which allows us to keep our prices low because we get very good discounts from our suppliers as well as our labor resources. We do most of our work with our own employees so we do not have to pay the higher sub-contractor rates that other builder's may need to pay.

We also buy many of our products direct and pass the savings on to you.

Our Philosophy has always been:

"We are not trying to Make a Killing - JUST A LIVING"

We always have various homes in different stages of construction. So give us call and we will gladly show you several houses in different stages so that you can see first hand the quality that goes into our homes.